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Brief Introduction

Academic Monthly was founded in January 1957. It became a Journal of Shanghai Federation of Social Sciences Associations in March 1958 when the Federation was established. It stopped publishing in 1966 because of the “cultural revolution”, and resumed in January 1979. Successively served as editors-in-chief are ZhouYuanbing, Wang Yafu, Zhang Hengzhong, Huang Yingshu, Wang Bangzuo, Tian Weiping, and Jin Fulin. The present Editor-in-chief is Jiang Youfu.


Academic Monthly is a comprehensive academic journal of humanities and social sciences. Since its founding, it has adhered to the guiding principle of Marxism to develop philosophy and social sciences by a leading role and bearing with various discourses. It carries out a policy of “letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend”, advocating theoretical innovation, and emphasizing to achieve important theretical and front-line academic results which could reflect the national ideological-cultural construction and the process of modernization. The theses adopted include literature, history, philosophy, economics, politics, law, and sociology, etc.


Academic Monthly was honored to win the second and the third “Nomination for National Excellent Journals” respectively in 2003 and 2005. In 2009, Academic Monthly was elected as “Influential Journal of New China in 60 Years”. In 2012, Academic Monthly was enlisted in the first batch of journals subsidized by National Social Sciences Planning Office. In 2013, 2015 and 2017, it was honorably entitled as one of “A Hundred Best Journals of Social Sciences”. In 2016, it was honored as one of “A Hundred Best Chinese Journals for Overseas Distribution”. In 2017, it won the Nomination for Excellent Journals of the Fourth Chinese Government Award for Publishing”. And it has been honored as “Excellent Journals in East China Area” in many years.


Academic Monthly is a source journal of CSSCI. It ranks at the 3rd place of “Comprehensive Social Sciences” in Would-Be Catalog of Source Journals CSSCI 2017-2018 by Nanjing University Chinese Social Sciences Research and Review Center, the 3rd place of “Comprehensive Humanities and Social Sciences” in Peking University Key Titles of Core Journals of Chinese Language in 2017, the 12th place of “Comprehensive Humanities and Social Sciences” in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Core Journals in 2015. In 2013, it was honored as RCCSE Chinese Authoritative Journals (A+) by Wuhan University Chinese Scientific Review and Research Center, and at present, Academic Monthly is ranked at the 2nd place in Comprehensive Social Sciences 2017-2018.


Since 2006 through 2017, the total number of Academic Monthly theses adopted by Xinhua Digest, Chinese Social Sciences Digest, Renmin University Newpapers and Journal Duplication Data, and Institutions of Higher Learning Liberal Arts Academic Digest ranked at the 1st place, and as the important reference journal for assessing and reviewing academic achievements by scientific research institutions.   

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